Fidel Castro’s wife speak out about Cuban regime

Fidel Castro was a Cuban dictator for over 50 years. More so it has turned out he had a high hand even to his family and relatives.  His family is evidently torn apart by bitterness, rows and dysfunction.  He made…
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Trump taps Russian Leaders for Strategy in Syria

  • November 25, 2016
Donald Trump will be working closely with Russia It is apparent Donald Trump will be working closely with Russia. In a surprise move, the president elect has shown indication he will be collaborating with Russia to end the Syrian conflict. Reports have emerged that he is doing it using his…
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Senior EU Official: Trump Threat to European Democracy

  • November 23, 2016
Many world leaders have shown their resentment with America's President-elect Donald Trump. In a recent development, a senior EU officer launched a verbal attack on the President-elect calling him an ‘autocrat’ and possible threat to European values and democracy. According to the EU’s Senior Brexit Negotiator, the President-elect is an…
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Climate Change to Worsen Under President Donald Trump

  • November 22, 2016
A new study has predicted daily heat records are going to be broken far more often than cold ones in the United States. Normally, the nation sets about the same number of hot and cold records over several years. A study in Monday's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences predicts…
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Hidden Motives Behind the Syrian War

  • November 22, 2016
According to an article written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. published on Eco-Watch, the war in Syria is a bit more complicated than many may have thought. For the uninitiated, the Syrian Civil War is an currently ongoing armed conflict with multiple sides fighting against each other. The war began…
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Pope Francis extends abortion-forgiving powers to all priests

  • November 21, 2016
Pope Francis has permanently extended the power to grant absolution for abortions to all Roman Catholic priests. Formerly, only bishops or special confessors were authorized to do so. The new measure, which was revealed in an apostolic letter following Sunday’s closing of the Church’s ‘Holy Year of Mercy’, represents a…
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Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills dozens in Kabul Mosque

  • November 21, 2016
At least 27 worshippers were killed Monday after a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a packed mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials said. Islamic State claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a crowded Shi'ite mosque in Kabul on Monday that killed more than 30 people and wounded…
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Secret pyramid found inside ancient Kukulkan Mayan temple

  • November 18, 2016
Archaeologists have found a previously-undiscovered pyramid hidden inside Mexico’s ancient Mayan temple of Kukulkan. Researchers announced the discovery Wednesday of a pyramid 33 feet tall  inside two other structures that make up the pyramid also known as El Castillo, or the Castle. The giant Chichen Itza temple dates back to…
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Children wear masks as a thick haze of air pollution envelopes Tiananmen Square in January.?

China’s Air Pollution on the rise as World Leaders meet

  • November 17, 2016
Four decades of rapid economic growth in China has come at a huge price to the environment, from smog-ridden skies to contaminated rivers, toxic soils and “cancer villages”. These increasingly intolerable costs have emerged as a major source of social unrest in recent years. Premier Li Keqiang acknowledged this in…
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Sweden to make National Digital Currency

  • November 16, 2016
If the e-krona is indeed launched, it would make the Riksbank the first major central bank in the world to have a digital currency. “The less those of us living in Sweden use bank notes and coins, the clearer it becomes that the Riksbank needs to investigate whether we should…
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ISIS Sets Fire to Oil Wells in Qayarrah Iraq

  • November 15, 2016
In a possible attempt to hide their movements, members of ISIS have set fire to 19 oil wells in the Qayarrah area south of Mosul, where Iraqi-led security forces have begun an offensive to retake the country’s second most populous city from the militants. For thousands of families nearby, the…
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Obama stands aside as North Korea ramps up Nuclear Arsenal

  • April 28, 2016
North Korea has launched various missiles this year, and the situation is only getting worse. As North Korea ramps up it's nuclear arsenal, US President Barrack Obama has taken little to no action whatsoever. Some have been very critical of the matter, in fact current Republican presidential candidate and presumptive…
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