Lawsuit filed against Uber for stealing wages.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) and a group of Uber Drivers filed a lawsuit against Uber for stealing wages. The group representing 5,000 Uber drivers in New York filed the new claims today and says the rideshare giant unfairly skims driver wages without offering the added protections they’d get as employees.

As of recently Uber has been undergoing quite a public pushback. In fact a #deleteUber movement was spawned following Donald Trump’s initial Muslim ban, which caused Uber some public outrage. During this time Uber was accused of trying to extract extra profit at air ports among protests and riots.

This is not all however, Uber also caught some public outrage when it was discovered that they stole intellectual property from Google’s self driving car division. They are expected to be going to court soon, seeing as Google’s parent company Alphabet sued Uber over intellectual property infringement.

This is not all that has caused Uber some issue, in fact there has been some growing concern that Uber could be stealing money from its drivers to extract profit. When Uber was a new company with barely any users, they charged a minimal fee and imposed limited restrictions on their drivers.

Now Uber has become more heavy handed as they have raised their fares seemingly every year and begun to crack down on what they claim is misusing of their apps.

In fact they have begun to act so imperially that drivers sued Uber in a class action lawsuit, claiming that Uber should be treated as an employer and not a contractor. Uber drivers claimed that since Uber sets fares, and handles payments in escrow that their drivers should be considered to be employees and not contractors.

In fact Uber charges a nearly 25% fee and reserves the right to deactivate (e.g. fire) drivers at will at any time.

This has caused many to be concerned, but not as much as the latest accusations. Some have been claiming that Uber is actively stealing money right out of the pockets of its drivers. This claim is based on the fact that a new Lawsuit was filed in New York which claimed that Uber was unfairly underpaying its drivers which amounted to virtual theft.

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