Concerns grow over Donald Trump’s mental state

According to sources, the academic experts claim that when you look at all the behavioral patterns exhibited by Donald Trump such as: his grandiosity, impulsiveness, hyper-sensitivity, willingness to threaten others over the slightest perception of being disrespected, and others seem to indicate these are all symptoms of mental instability. Of course this is coming from a group of psychiatric professors, who are of course experts in mental illness evaluations.

A group of psychiatrists have sent an open letter to Barack Obama about Donald Trump’s mental health, pleading with him to seek help. They believe that his outbursts and behaviors indicate some sort of mental instability. This group of University of California, and Harvard led psychiatric professors have claimed the President Donald Trump displays to many symptoms of mental instability.

Of course many pundits, and correspondents within the political sphere have been questioning Donald Trump’s temperament and mental ability to become president. These recent revelations only serve to embolden those people. Some even have made the claim that it could be Affluenza that Trump suffers from. Due to being rich his whole life, and always getting everything he ever wanted, Trump can not simply handle being told no.

Of course this condition was first brought into the public awareness when Ethan Couch, an American man who killed four people while drinking and driving on June 15, 2013, in Burleson, Texas, used this defense while in court. G. Dick Miller, a psychologist hired as an expert by the defense, testified in court that the teen was a product of “affluenza” and was unable to link his actions with consequences because of his parents teaching him that wealth buys privilege.

It is only fitting that some suspect Donald Trump of having the same condition, just on a much larger scale. However it goes beyond just emotional immaturity according to this group of psychiatrist. They believe that with the proper examination, Donald Trump could actually be diagnosed medically with some sort of mental disorder. Of course the first diagnosis that comes to mind is narcissistic personality disorder, however the true condition could be much worse. Perhaps he could even be a sociopath, especially when you consider the violent and uncaring way he angrily discusses other opponents or entire groups of people that he disagrees with.

Either way that you look at it, these psychiatrist believe that whatever mental illness that he does possess, should bar him from becoming President of the United States. Of course in the United States Constitution, the President can most certainly be impeached for not being able to carry out the duties and functions of the presidency. If Donald Trump does indeed have a diagnosable mental illness, then he would most certainly fit this criteria.

There is legitimate concern over Donald Trump’s mental health, and this fact is corroborated by medical experts. If Donald Trump does have a mental illness then he could be in violation of the constitution, and could be impeached. Still the damage would likely already have been done before the impeachment process could be started, and America will likely suffer the consequences of electing a mentally unstable man to the highest office in the nation.

Many have reiterated the fact that  Donald Trump would be the most dangerous president in US history. They claim that you cannot trust him with the nuclear codes, or the military. Many are concerned about Donald Trump using his political power to go after people whom he dislikes. Just the fact that he can use the full extent of the US military, to issue an attack on anyone he sees fit without the approval of congress, should gravely concern everyone on this planet, let alone american citizens.

Many experts are very concerned about the abuse of power that Donald Trump could exploit, and rightfully so. Donald Trump will arguably become the most powerful man in the world next year, and lead the most powerful nation in the history of the planet. He is grossly under-qualified for this position and potentially risks major economic and political damage to the entire global economical and geopolitical landscape.

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