Donald Trump could be leading America into World War 3

World War 1 and 2 were fought with increasingly devastating weapons but none of them were full blown nuclear wars. In fact some would argue that even during the conclusion of World War 2, the use of nuclear weapons in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were isolated incidents, that helped conclude the war, rather than provoke it. Still it is important to note that World War II was the deadliest conflict in human history.

With a new Nuclear War, World War III would be started, and would have nuclear devastation of Earth’s civilization and life as we know it. Even if the initial shock waves didn’t kill you, the aftermath would.  This is because Nuclear fallout is highly radioactive, and would leave adverse human effects for many years even after the bomb detonated.

According to reports both Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Donald Trump agree that the Nuclear Arms Race should be reinvigorated. Donald Trump tweeted that the United States needs to greatly expand its nuclear capacity. Vladimir Putin also said during an interview the same day that he too wishes to strengthen Russia’s Nuclear capacity as well.

This is leaving nuclear proliferation experts very concerned. It has long been the view among experts that there is no “winning” a Nuclear War, and better to reduce and secure existing Nuclear stockpiles. However, the latest statements from two global powers could embolden states like North Korea, China, and even India, to increase their Nuclear capacities as well. Such an action would of course be catastrophic to diplomatic relations, and would increase the likelihood that Nuclear weapons could end up in the wrong hands.

Most agree that rogue nations and terrorist regimes are the most likely suspects for using nuclear weapons. However dangerous that may be, is nothing compared to the capacity that larger nations have. Even a smaller regime could initiate a larger global conflict. We are already seeing quasi-proxy wars fought between countries in regions like Syria. The Mesopotamian region is a very volatile region with a long history of war and conflict stretching many millennia into the past. If such weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists or hostile actors in those regions, it could trigger a much larger global conflict.

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