WikiLeak’s Julian Assange agrees to extradition days before Barack Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence

According to recent reports President Obama has essentially pardoned Chelsea Manning from her nearly 35 year sentence for leaking classified information. Manning will have to serve only 4 additional months before her release.

This is in light of the fact that Julian Assange recently agreed to extradition to the United States on the condition that Chelsea Manning was released. Now it seems that President Obama has made the first move towards this, and now the ball is in Assange’s court.

According to reports Manning attempted suicide twice while held in a maximum security prison. Manning underwent a sex change while in prison, but has still been kept in a male’s military facility during incarceration.

As a transgender woman, Chelsea Manning has had to endure certain kinds of psychological torture while being kept inside a male’s prison. According to reports, Manning has been in prison for nearly 7 years.

According to a tweet by wiki leaks, Julian Assange actually agreed to extradition to the US under the condition that Manning was granted clemency. Just nearly a week ago Wiki Leaks tweeted “If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case.”

Julian Assange has been under exile inside an Ecuadorian embassy in London, currently wanted by Sweden and the United States for various crimes. He has continued to seek asylum, however that may change given recent events.

It is entirely possible that Julian Assange will turn himself in now that Obama has honored his side of the bargain. But then again, Assange may decide that the conditions were not properly met, and choose to remain inside the embassy, despite his promise.

It remains to be seen what Julian Assange will ultimately do in response to Chelsea Manning’s release. However there is one thing that is for certain and that is it is generally a good thing that Manning was released, as she went through the proper channels to do whistle blowing, and was still prosecuted.

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