Donald Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin within weeks of inauguration

According to reports, us president Donald Trump will be meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin shortly after his inauguration. Within the first few weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump is expected to attend a summit in Iceland where he will be joined by Vladimir Putin. 

Some have denied the reports, but still it does little to ease the doubts many have posed about Trump’s many ties with foreign governments. This is true especially in light of the fact that on December 13, 2016, President-elect Donald Trump announced that Tillerson would be his nominee for Secretary of State.

This action caused concern for many, because Rex Tillerson does have business ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Additionally many have taken issue with the fact that in 2014, Tillerson strongly opposed the sanctions against Russia. This is compounded by the fact that Tilllerson was previously the director of the joint US-Russian oil company Exxon Neftegas.

The fact that Donald Trump has mentioned that he would like to lift sanctions on Russia has caused much concern for many Americans. This is especially true in light of the fact that in January 2017, it was revealed that while Tillerson was a senior executive at ExxonMobil, a European joint venture called Infineum conducted business with Iran, Syria, and Sudan when those states were under US sanctions.

The meeting has not be formally announced yet. As of now the report is unsubstantiated and has received criticism from some high ranking officials. In fact the White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted out that the reports were 100% false.

According to reports, this meeting has not been formally announced, and Iceland has not even been contacted as of yet. Still there were earlier reports that Donald Trump’s transition team actually had a phone call to high ranking government officials within Russia to arrange an in person meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, on December 28th.

This was in light of the fact that outgoing US President Barrack Obama had just expelled Russian spies from the US, in retaliation to reports by the intelligence community that Russian actors interfered in the US elections.

Donald Trump has claimed that he wants to strengthen ties to Russia, and that being friendly with them is generally a good thing. He has dismissed intelligence reports accusing Russia of election hacking, and publicly stated that he won fair and square.

The alleged topic to be discussed is actually nuclear disarmament. This is in light of the fact that both Russia’s Putin and US president-elect Donald Trump publicly made statements detailing their desires to increase the capabilities of their country’s nuclear weapons.

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