Concerns grow over Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw from NATO and Syria, cut ties with China, and strengthen ties with Russia

Recent revelations have just been reported about how Donald Trump would like to lift sanctions put in place by outgoing president Obama against Russia for its involvement in the Ukraine. However, those sanctions are likely to be lifted, as long as Russia takes a helpful stance on fighting terrorism, says Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wants to withdraw the US from NATO, and withdraw US troops from Syria all together. This is in line with what Russia has been calling for, for quite some time now actually.

In fact in 2015, foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov questioned why NATO even exists, and urged NATO members to withdraw from the organization, claiming it poses existential threat to the Russia federation. Donald Trump also wants to weakened US diplomatic relations with China, and potentially start a trade war with one of theĀ largest economies in the world.

Donald Trump has gone on record discrediting the US intelligence community, while simultaneously praising Russian president Vladimir Putin. This is seen as very suspicious by some, prompting them to accuse Russia of blackmailing Donald Trump.

In past comments Donald Trump has seemed to indicate that he is willing to either make US protections under NATO conditional on whether or not America is paid for their service, or simply withdrawing from NATO all together. This has caused many NATO members to become very concerned over whether or not the future of NATO can coexists with a Donald Trump presidency.

Essentially Donald Trump is trying to turn America into glorified mercenaries, which is a stark change of direction from how American foreign policy and international diplomacy has been carried out historically. Essentially, Donald Trump is allowing Russia to grow its sphere of influence in other parts of the world, as America’s influence diminishes.

Some have accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of trying to recreate the formerly disbanded Soviet Union. Some even has went as far as to say that Vladimir Putin actually helped get Donald Trump elected, by hacking the US elections and by spreading fake news and propaganda.

Some reportsĀ have even claimed that Russia has dirt on Trump, and is blackmailing him into his Russia friendly positions. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing that is very clear; and that is a Donald Trump presidency will significantly change America’s domestic and foreign policy.

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