Donald Trump already historically unpopular

Donald Trump claims his election day victory was exceptional, however statistically speaking, this not the case at all. Donald Trump has often times bragged about how great his victory, was, even though he received fewer overall votes than his opponent did.

In fact according to sources, on Election Day, just 38 percent of voters had favorable opinions of Donald Trump. This is comparable to the nearly 60 percent of those who viewed him unfavorably. These are unprecedented favorable numbers for a presidential victor.

Many have attributed Donald Trumps victory with the fact that Hillary Clinton was also very unpopular. In fact, Clinton received far fewer votes than Obama did, in both his first term and his reelection. According to sources, Donald Trump won only about 15% of the vote among those who had an unfavorable opinion of him.

It seems that when Donald Trump enters the White House in Washington next month, he will do so as the least popular president of a incoming president, ever. Donald Trump when compared with Barrack Obama in 2008, has a huge marginal difference in popularity. Trump 21 percent, Obama at nearly 68 percent.

Donald Trump despite his brash bravado does not really have bragging rights, and should not say that he has the will of the people in majority. He did not particularly win by a large margin, and did not bring out incredibly large numbers of voters to vote for him during election day.

If anything his victory is more proof as to the growing angst against the political establishment. Many saw Donald Trump as a protest votes, others thought he was different from your standard career politician. However Donald Trump has been so far appointing his cabinet will wall street executives, and extremely rich people. If those who voted for him thought he was different, they were sadly mistaken.

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