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Donald Trump wants to accelerate the drug war

The war on drugs has largely been seen as a massive failure. Not only has it been a massive waste of taxpayer dollars, but it has consistently had the opposite effects intended. Drug use has not gone down, and drug cartels have simply become stealthier in their smuggling capabilities. Additionally the war on drugs is largely seen as a racist war, which targets largely African American communities. So it is to no surprise that many left wing democrats, liberals, and progressives alike have been calling for an end to this unnecessary and wasteful war. Many have called for the decriminalization, legalization, and regulation of all drugs, along with abolishing the Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA).

Experts have shown in various studies that the war on drugs does not actually have positive results, and typically contributes to the growing prison population and higher recidivism rates within the United States. The private prison, police union, DEA, and pharmaceutical industry are all in favor of maintaining the drug war, and each of them stand to profit from doing so. Most non violent offenders are actually incarcerated for simple marijuana possession charges.

The private prison industry profits from incarcerating as many people as possible, and so has a vested interest in making sure that marijuana remains illegal. The police union also profits from the drug war, because they typically are able to seize billions of dollars worth of property during drug raids. Not to mention all of the taxpayer dollars that flow into their departments to fight this senseless war.

If you just look at how much resources actually go into the investigating, raiding, equipment, employee overtime, salary, etc. it can definitely add up. The DEA and police union of course then would be in favor of maintaining this needless drug war, because it gives them a reason to ask for a bigger budget, and allows them to simply steal property from citizens, under the guise of safety. The pharmaceutical industry of course profits from keeping drugs like marijuana illegal, because then people have to turn to their prescription alternatives for conditions such as pain relief.

So where does Donald Trump stand on the drug war? He actually wants to accelerate it. Trump has mentioned many times during his campaign that he wants to go after drug dealers, particularly those coming from Mexico. Donald Trump has taken a hard stance against drugs, and would be more than willing to continue the drug war as is. Not only this, but republicans have a majority control in congress.

Donald Trump and the republican lead congress could easily pass new laws further strengthening the drug war. This of course is not ideal for individual liberty, and should not be part of the conservative movement, as this is definitely an example of big government, which conservatives claim that they are against. Still it remains to be seen what Donald Trump actually does about this, but things are not looking good for legalization advocates.

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