Donald Trump should be impeached for gross incompetence and ignorance of the constitution

Donald Trump is a lot of things, but competent businessman is not one of them. Even more so Donald Trump has never held public office before, and is by definition unqualified to become President of the United States. Furthermore, Donald Trump is a failed businessman with countless bankruptcies on his record. He was gifted his massive fortune, and has never had to work a single day in his life to afford his massive riches and material possessions.

He lives inside a golden penthouse suite atop of a skyscraper with his name on it, with an imported wife. He takes a private jet, again with his name on it, to his destinations, which he claims is a step up from Air Force One.

This man is a classic example of a narcissist, and couldn’t stop bragging about his countless failed businesses if his life depended on it. Additionally, he is a proven con man. He simply cons un-savvy business partners out of their money. From Trump University, to his many hotels, casinos, and other properties, he has gamed the system, and cheated investors out of their money.  Donald Trump rose to power through threats, insults, and demagoguery.

He has disparaged, women, minorities, veterans, political opponents, protesters, and even voters. He has yet to show any sort of human decency that should be demanded from the Commander in Chief.

With that throat clearing out of the way, on to the main point, which is Donald Trump is so grossly incompetent and ignorant that he will almost certainly be in violation of the constitution or US law at some point during his presidency and likely to be impeached at some point in the near future.

This is based on the fact that some would argue that he has already committed impeachable offenses before even assuming office, which of course is unprecedented.



This argument stems from the fact that Donald Trump has refused to dis-invest his interests or relinquish any control over his many international businesses, even after being elected to public office. Not only does the Emolument Clause of the US constitution provide the groundwork for the impeachment of a president who receives funds from foreign governments, which would most definitely be the case dealing with Donald Trump’s international businesses, but US law also bars anyone with private information to trade on that information.

In other words, Donald Trump is not only in violation of the US Constitution, but also US law as well. To compound this issue, Donald Trump is most certainly in violation of nepotism laws, which bar public officials, especially in the white house, from appointing their relatives to other government positions.

When any public official takes office, they typically dis-invest their businesses into a blind trust to avoid any legal ramifications, however Donald Trump refuses to do so. This shows that he is actually in it for profit, and treating the oval office much like a business. In fact, many of his supporters literally want him to run the country more like a business, and it does seem like they are actually getting their wish.

However, the silver lining to all of this is that even if Donald Trump is indeed in violation of nepotism, insider trading, and emolument laws, the Republicans hold majority control of congress. Republicans will probably not move for impeachment, unless Donald Trump does something so significantly illegal, that not even they can pretend to not care. Some left wing democrats could make efforts to start the process, but so far they have not demonstrated that they have enough support to accomplish anything significant.


So this is where America is, an openly bigoted, incompetent narcissist with about as many conflicts of interests as he has bankruptcies as President. Under Donald Trump corruption might reach an all-time high. He has filled the swamp by appointing billionaires and executives to his cabinet. He has admitted that everything he said during the campaign were simply lies he told in order to rile up his supporters. During his rallies he has said numerous times that he would help make America great again, by focusing on immigration and the economy.

However so far it seems as though he has done the exact opposite. He has all but abandoned his positions on immigration, and is poised to completely destroy the economy by deregulating it to the point of almost total chaos. One thing is for sure, and that is this will be a rough 4 years for the working class and poor.

That is, if Donald Trump makes it that long. It may be the case that halfway through his first term, America descends into such a great depression, and that his many violations of the law become so blatant, that even Republicans move to impeach him. However, that may or may not happen after all, because the elite class in this country has shown time and time again that they can get away with almost anything and continue exist above the law.

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