United States

President Donald Trump; brought to you by the party that elected Bush

President George Bush was largely seen as one of the worst presidents in US history.

So much so, that immediately following his term, America did a complete 180 and elected its first African American president.

Still the criticism of Bush might seem tame, compared to the criticism likely to follow a Trump presidency.

The Republican party has elected two incompetent and severely unqualified buffoons to the highest office in the nation for twice in a row now.

American influence abroad will be severely affected by a Trump presidency. Trump is friendly to nations such as Russia, and has also shown hostility towards China.

Russia would be allowed to expand its influence, especially in regions such as Crimea and Syria, while the US retreats, and practically disbands NATO.

A trade war could be started with China, and possibly even Mexico.

The United States economy has now been trusted in the hands of a failed businessman, who could quite possibly even be a sex offender.

If America goes the path of the Roman Empire, it will be due to the ignorance of the Republicans, the hubris of the Democrats, and the corruption flowing from the elitist class.

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